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My name is Mallory. I'm a 31 year old woman from the Missouri Ozarks. When I was 17, it took a lot of convincing to get the United States government to believe that I wasn't a boy named Malroy. They insisted that I do the whole Selective Service thing and started sending military recruiters to the high school to find me.

I guess the boobs got them off my back.

After the government, it was AARP begging Malroy to sign up. I went from 17 to 50 in a matter of months. At least I was consistently a dude!

I used to work for a local newspaper, but now I freelance should they need an extra hand. I'm a desk clerk at a hotel, which is actually a lot of fun! I also do replica art. I call my business MoonPrism and have been doing that since 2002.

To be honest, I'm really not the most interesting person. I've always loved writing, though, and have written fantasy most of my life. I wanted to be a cartoonist when I was nine and discovered Bill Waterson. I wanted to work for Hanna-Barbera. Then anime (particularly Sailor Moon) came into my life in the late 90s, and then I wanted to be a manga artist. After about 6 years of consistently only getting to 12 pages of artwork, I decided to try my hand at novel writing. I fell in love with it and wondered why I hadn't tried it sooner!

Fantasy is my passion, without a doubt. I do love reading a good nonfiction, which is why, I think, I love LJ so much. I love reading about people's lives. Maybe I'm just nosy! It's probably that.

I'm completely in love with the Korean girl group 2NE1 and have a huge girl crush on Park Bom. I love all kinds of music, from rap to country to Japanese and Korean pop to Chinese folk. Sa Ding Ding is definitely my go-to for writing. It puts me right where I need to be for a good fantasy story!

That said, I am mostly happily married to an English immigrant named Brendan. I say mostly because I would be 100% happy (instead of 98% happy) if he'd clean something once in a while. We just sent the government a big fat check for the removal of conditions on his green card - a step closer to citizenship. We've been married since 10/22/11. We met online in 2004 on a text-based game called SquidMOO. After that, we both started working for creating text-based space games for the visually impaired. Brendan and me hated each other. The guy who ran the show made us work together and it turned out there was chemistry! We met in person for the first time in summer of 2010 and knew within a few hours it was meant to be.

I'm the caretaker of a house that sits on 40 acres of land. My mom and stepdad, who are technically divorced, both live with me. I have nine cats and three dogs. It can all be stressful from time-to-time, but really, I know how lucky I am. I've been given a lot of wonderful opportunities in life, some of which I've let pass me by and shouldn't have, but overall, I've been very lucky. I'm a count-your-blessings kind of girl, and I try not to take mine for granted.

I'm VERY excited to be part of the LJ Idol family. I'm looking forward to making new friends, reading lots of interesting stories, and expanding my writing ability. I've been putting off joining for years, but now that this is the last one... I can't let another opportunity pass me by.
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