Apr. 13th, 2014

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A balmy breeze brushes my bare shoulders. I survey my land. It's only an acre, but it's mine. I've never owned anything like this before. A cheap used car is all I've ever had.

I'm scared. I felt confident when I drew up my business plan and presented it to the bank. Even my cosignor was impressed with everything I had lined out. My pitch was perfect. But now as I stand here on this crumbling mound of red clay, I'm overcome with nerves.

Can I really do this?

I remember it being more level when I signed the loan papers. I envisioned my future business clearly. I just knew I would be making enough to cover the loan and perhaps a bit of profit. Now I find myself wondering if I was being foolish. Did I con the bank and my cosignor into something? No... I think maybe I conned myself into this. Why did I ever think I could make this work?

Just breathe. Now I remember. The old minigolf place was horrible and run down. It only had 10 holes, and nothing about it was challenging. I know deep down inside that I can do this. I can turn this section of dirt and rock into a fun place for the community. They'll come. It'll be bigger and better than anything they've ever seen before. When people stay at the local hotel, they'll have something to do with their kids. They can make memories. I can be part of that.

I can do this.

This is my entry for [livejournal.com profile] therealljidol . This story is a little true. I'm giving serious consideration to buying a piece of commercial land and starting a minigolf course. It's years down the line, but it's a dream I have. This entry is a conversation I find myself having over and over again.

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